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One-Day Workshops

Workshops & Events

Please note that as of January 2006, the Math Momentum in Science Centers project has ended. However, we are maintaining this website as a resource and a way to share our work.

The Math Momentum in Science Centers project is focused on creating professional development opportunities that will help science center staff make the math in their exhibits and programming more explicit and accessible. These include a set of one-day workshops on data, measurement, and algebra open to all science center staff and their community partners. In addition, the project is also creating online learning opportunities and will share emerging work and encourage networking at national and regional conferences, like ASTC and NCTM. Read below for more details!

One-Day Workshops Summary

As part of this project, TERC has designed a set of one-day workshops, one on data, one on measurement, and one on algebra, that are being hosted by our 13 core sites in locations across the country in 2004 and 2005. These low cost workshops provide science center staff an opportunity to explore inquiry-based math, enabling them to develop richer mathematical experiences for all visitors.

Please go to our One-Day Workshops page for further details about the workshops and current schedule of dates, topics, and locations.

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Other Events

The Annual Association of Science-Technology Centers Conference is a key opportunity to network and share work with others interested in math in science centers. You can find out more about this conference and other professional development opportunities at their website:

The following organizations with annual conferences might be of interest for those who would like to explore math and science education further:

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How can I learn more or get involved?

  • The Math Momentum in Science Centers project has ended. However, you can learn more about our work through these archived web pages, through contacting staff at TERC, and through contacting participating institutions. Information about the project’s book, to be published in the fall of 2006, will also be made available on this website.
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