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About Our Project


Press Release


Please note that as of January 2006, the Math Momentum in Science Centers project has ended. However, we are maintaining this website as a resource and a way to share our work.

The Math Momentum in Science Centers project is funded by the National Science Foundation and led by TERC in collaboration with the Association of Science-Technology Centers and a core group of distinguished science centers and advisors.

Below please find a full listing of project participants. If you would like to find out more about our participants, we have included links to many of our collaborators' websites.

Core Partner Sites

TERC Staff

  • Jan Mokros, Principal Investigator
  • Dennis Bartels, (TERC President), Advisor
  • Jamie Bell, Consultant
  • Bronwyn Low, Project Manager
  • Ricardo Nemirovsky
  • Andee Rubin
  • Tracey Wright

ASTC Staff

  • DeAnna Beane, Co-Principal Investigator
  • Jacquelyn Lowery, Project Manager

Other Contractors

  • Evaluator: Cecilia Garibay
  • Evaluator/Consultant: Sam Taylor
  • Videographer: David Smith
  • Exploratorium Advisor: Lori Lambertson


  • Dr. Andrea Anderson, Research Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Bothell
  • Dr. Ana M. Becerra, mathematics curriculum specialist
  • Dr. Marta Civil, Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona; director of parent involvement programs
  • Dr. Francena Cummings, Director, Program for the Improvement of Science and Mathematics Education, SERVE
  • Mr. Jose Franco, Director, EQUALS, Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Dr. George Hein, Senior Research Associate and Professor Emeritus, Lesley University; founder of the Program Evaluation and Research Group
  • Dr. Clifford E. Konold, Research Associate Professor, The Scientific Reasoning Research Institute, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Dr. Miriam A. Leiva, Director of MATHink and Project Excel MATH; Distinguished Professor Emerita, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Ms. Macenje Mazoka, Director, Youth Outreach, CYBERCHASE, Thirteen/WNET New York
  • Dr. Steve Monk, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington, Seattle
  • Dr. Judit N. Moschkovich, Associate Professor, Education Department, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Mr. J. Newlin, Director of Physical Sciences and Technology, Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Dr. William Tate, Professor and Chair, Department of Education, Washington University, St. Louis
  • Ms. Virginia Thompson, Founding Director, FAMILY MATH
  • Ms. Carol J. Valenta, Senior Vice President, Education, Exhibits, and Programs, St. Louis Science Center
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